Celia Lashlie (1953 - 2015), Author and Social Justice Advocate

"It is in the taking care of ourselves we learn the ability to take care of others."

Celia Lashlie was a New Zealand author, a former prison officer, and a strong voice and advocate for at-risk families.

Celia was born in Taihape, married at 19, and had two children. In 1985, as a solo mum, Celia became the first woman in New Zealand to work as an officer in a men's prison. She worked in prisons until 1999, when she resigned from her role as manager of Christchurch Women's Prison. 

She began working in schools under the Good Man Project, helping teenage boys grow into good men, and soon began an international public-speaking circuit. Her mission was to reduce crime and poverty through education, and by improving the lives of at-risk families.

In 2004 she published the best-selling book 'He'll Be Okay: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men'. As part of her research, she had visited 25 boys' schools in New Zealand. She also wrote 'The Journey to Prison: Who Goes and Why', and 'The Power of Mothers: Releasing Our Children'. 

Celia died suddenly in 2015 of pancreatic cancer, leaving many project plans and unpublished work, but her family and friends are continuing her legacy via Celia Lashlie Projects.